1. moist (this is a universally hated word, it shows up on many dirty word lists)
  2. panties (I hate this word, I hate this word, I hate this word)
  3. omnipotent
  4. queasy
  5. pustule (GROSS)
  6. cluster
  7. welt
  8. puss
  9. boil (as it relates to skin)
  10. flake, crispy flake, flaky flake, flaking, thin flake, large flake anything to do with flaking of the skin, for the love of all that is good sense, can we rid the world of this nasty word?
  11. infested, infestation
  12. seminal
  13. secrete
  14. creamy
  15. dripping
  16. munch
  17. slurp
  18. orifice
  19. postulate
  20. fondle
  21. manhood
  22. folds (as in, her feminine folds – eyuck)
  23. weep (like what an infected wound does – gag gag gag)
  24. mucus
  25. kumquat
  26. pool (like what a dress does when you remove it)
  27. clogged
  28. bob, bobbing
  29. smear
  30. squirt
  31. gesticulate

They feel grosser and grosser, the more I look at them, and the more I say them out loud.  Say them out loud and you’ll see for yourself.  If you like, feel free to add words that totally gross you out in the comments.

This post is part of Project VJ.